Greater Good Dynamics

Branding // Logo // Website // Print // Social Media

March 2018 – Present

Website Design

electric WELL worked with Greater Good Dynamics to build a fully responsive image-focused website with the value of simplicity and an emphasis on copy.

The design features bold diagonal transitions and parallax backgrounds. Section headers are given special attention and single-side borders blend them together with body copy to create coherent readable segments.

Logo Design

Through a process of understanding the values and mission of Greater Good Dynamics, electric WELL developed this simple two-color logo that hints at depth, celebration and uplifting the community.

The deep blue alludes to the vastness of space while the shooting stars aimed upwards suggest ascent. The stars also suggest a lit candle or a magic wand, both symbols of energy and creation. While minimal, this logo contains the core mission of community development.


Print Design

electric WELL has worked with Greater Good Dynamics to produce a variety of print materials from promotional postcards to signage to branded envelopes.

Highlights include business cards and a large-scale sign which will hang over the organization’s office entrance.

Social Media

electric WELL continues to provide Greater Good Dynamics with a series of social media posts that promote the organization, make important announcements, acknowledge supporters and raise awareness.

Each post uses a variation of the brands visual style to build up a series of related post looks that fit every content situation while preserving a clear and coherent visual identity for the nonprofit.


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