Distill. Crystalize. Morph.

electric WELL supports your business or project using a variety of creative approaches that elevate and uplift your presentation and vision.


Video Production

We bring years of experience producing and directing short-form video. Whether it's videography for events, a music video or promotional content for social media, we bring the expertise and the gear you'll need to complete your project.

Motion Graphics

Our team is equipped with advanced visual effects tools including Adobe After Effects and CINEMA 4D. We also can provide animated type or other forms of animation such as logo reveals.


Branding is a full package that may include web and logo design. This process involves taking a client from wherever they are to a consistent visual look as well as a strong coherent mission and message. Once the organizational "DNA" is established, our process then can result in a strong digital presence including a website, logo and social media profiles.


We can support projects from simple graphic design tasks like business cards and flyers to more complex projects like customized signage and menu installation involving professional printing or fabrication. We're also open to more creative projects.


Local Analytics


electric WELL was hired to design a simple, elegant one page website for Local Analytics as they launch their product offering.

We used the Local Analytics signature bright orange as inspiration to develop a classic alternating background style layout.

Design highlights include animated introduction text and unique diagonal transitions.

The site is fully responsive and carefully fine-tuned for every device. In additional, we ensure fast page loads through layers of compression and optimization.

Recent Clients


Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting


Use the slider to compare the old and new versions of the site.


Thank you for what you designed for us, and for continuing to work at it over several iterations, and then allowing it to evolve into what it now is — which is a really dynamic revised layout that you took the initiative on completely by yourself.

We are thrilled with the final product.

Jennifer & Robert
CEO & Founder, Greater Good Dynamics

I recently hired Tola to do a very important video project for my company, GlowDec. In the entire time of development there has not been a project more important than this. I had very high standards and Tola exceeded them by a long shot. He not only captured my entire vision but added his own taste, ideas and sensibility and it all worked.

He was incredibly patient with the multiple iterations that I requested. It was so clear that he listened carefully and was dedicated to fulfilling my vision because each iteration kept getting closer. At the end of the process I have a piece of work that I am extremely proud of.


Rolan Pizer
Founder, GlowDec


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